Why is the bathroom always occupied? I’m not fond of poop jokes or bathroom humor, but the bathroom is necessary. And when I’m at work – someone’s always in there! Either a coworker or one of the janitorial folks. There’s only maybe 300-350 people here at any one time, and there’s a dozen bathrooms littered around the place. This is what was on my mind when I started the wordpress blog.

I wrote ideas down for a working title for this blog thing. I had maybe three dozen put down, and just wasn’t ready to pull the trigger. At the same time, I was noting things I may could have wrote about. Keywords and phrases to remind me later, once I started blogging (two g’s) or keeping a journal – whatever this is.

It’s simply a blog. Serves no purpose than to write in. No monetazation; I’m not selling anything and I would prefer if readers didn’t stop by and comment just for the purpose of leaving their site’s address and telling me they sell flooring outside of London and I should stop by sometime. Comment and like! Ignore and block, more like.

Good day.