Sporadically, I am

I knew from the start I wouldn’t write often. There’s always something going on or some form of interruption to curtail any desire to put words here. Which is fine, mostly. I guess I’d rather have things to do than not. Who wants to stand still, watching a fly buzz around the house?

ME. Well, I’d rather sit and observe the floaties on my eyes, but the idea is near the same. I want to nap! I want to sleep! Screw the concept of ‘sleep when you’re dead’. You’re dead! How can you enjoy the feeling of falling asleep? Or waking up, only to realize you’ve got two hours left before the alarm goes off, so to sleep you go once again!

I am tired, often. I sleep at work (during lunch). If I can manage it, I’ll take a twenty minute nap in the car before driving home. However, this has created an odd instance – someone thought I had overdosed and called security. Imagine everyone’s surprise when I woke, pissed, and sent everyone scurrying in fear of litigation. Swine.


Why is the bathroom always occupied? I’m not fond of poop jokes or bathroom humor, but the bathroom is necessary. And when I’m at work – someone’s always in there! Either a coworker or one of the janitorial folks. There’s only maybe 300-350 people here at any one time, and there’s a dozen bathrooms littered around the place. This is what was on my mind when I started the wordpress blog.

I wrote ideas down for a working title for this blog thing. I had maybe three dozen put down, and just wasn’t ready to pull the trigger. At the same time, I was noting things I may could have wrote about. Keywords and phrases to remind me later, once I started blogging (two g’s) or keeping a journal – whatever this is.

It’s simply a blog. Serves no purpose than to write in. No monetazation; I’m not selling anything and I would prefer if readers didn’t stop by and comment just for the purpose of leaving their site’s address and telling me they sell flooring outside of London and I should stop by sometime. Comment and like! Ignore and block, more like.

Good day.


I have been late every day this week. I have either hit the snooze button until an hour has elapsed, or turned the alarm off on my clock.

This is an unusual action for me. Once in a rare morning I’ll turn off the alarm and scurry out of the house late. Most mornings, I make myself late just by goofing off. I am very tired all the time. I have been taking naps during lunch to try and alleviate this, and it does help some during the afternoon. But seven hours of nightly sleep isn’t cutting it.